“The Ten Commandments” a Great Misunderstanding Ver. 2.0

November 5, 2013

The “Ten Commandments” have been made into a religious symbol and therefore, under “Separation of Church and State” policy, a growing number of individuals and organizations think they should be removed from public property.  The “Ten Commandments” were never meant to be religious and this is probably the most disastrous action that could have been initiated into these “Ten Imperatives”.  They were meant to develop a strong infrastructure in this “New Nation” making them economically stronger than their competitors that would take their land from them.  It is the nation’s economic vitality that makes a nation strong, not its many weapons and troops on the ground.   Philosophically the “Ten Commandments” are “Hypothetical Imperatives” not “Categorical Imperatives”.  A “Categorical Imperative” is something one does because it is the right thing to do.  A “Hypothetical Imperative” means there is a reward for following the Imperative, Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher eighteenth century. Kant thought that there was only one “Categorical Imperative”, “Act as if the maxim of thy action were to become by thy will a universal law of nature”[i].    The reward for following the “Ten Commandments” is that “we will live long in the land that has been given to us” Exodus 20:12, Thus, the “Ten Commandments” are actually “Ten Hypothetical Imperatives”.

  “There are two ways to enslave a nation, with war and with debt”, John Adams second president of the USA. We are in an economic war with our international competitors and the nation that has the highest “National Economic Operating Efficiency” (NEOE) will own the other nations debt.  Theoretically the interest on “The Debt” can grow to exceed our taxable “Gross National Product” (GDP) and cost to operate our country.  In this case we will have become slaves to the nation holding “Our National Debt”.  The “Ten Commandments” were and are meant to form a strong national infrastructure and create a high NEOE, therefore, making us more competitive in the international economic war.  This is not by the will of a “Higher Power” but first year economic principles.  The lower a nation’s NEOE, the higher the national debt, the higher the nation’s NEOE, the lower the National Debt or even a surplus in the budget.  

Explanation of the Ten Imperatives:

  1. You shall have no other Gods before me: Would not any parent tell their children this same thing that they are the ones responsible for our wellbeing so don’t seek advice or help from anyone else.  Our Father in Heaven is the one with all the resources and He’s the one who is willing to give us the resources we need to live on this planet.
  2. Do not make yourself an Idol: These instructions are to a people that are naturally very religious and they are going to find something to worship that is going to take up their time, energy and resources.  This can be extrapolated to modern times to such things as: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, porn, gambling and many more things that can take control of our lives.  The Russian Psychologist, Ivan Pavlov, showed us how easy it is to form a habit through conditioned response by rewarding ourselves for a certain behavior http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_conditioning
  3. You shall not Misuse the name of the Lord your God:  This has been interpreted for centuries as a Verbal activity.  This cannot be a Verbal activity it has to be an Action activity.   Do not intent to bring harm, discomfort or kill anyone in the name of God.  This applies to our nation as well as to individuals that make up that nation.  This cannot be both “Verbal” and “Action” because if it were both, someone might make a “Verbal” remark that is taken by someone else as “taking God’s name in vain” and then they chose to bring discomfort to the accused, which is an action in God’s name and therefore, misusing the name of God.   Therefore, “Verbal and Action” of Misuse of the name of the Lord your God are mutually exclusive. 

    Even the Apostle Peter did not understand that “Misusing the name of the Lord your God “ is an “Action”,  as he verbally accused two Capitalist of withholding funds to the Apostles social program after they had sold their land and only gave part of the Capital Gains to the Apostles.   It appears both the husband and wife may have died from a heart attack at being accused of sinning against God by Peter for withholding part of the Capital Gains from the sale of their property. 

  4. 4.       Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy:  The best reference I have seen on this subject states that “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” Mark 2:27.   We need one day a week to recharge our batteries, spend time with our families and friends.  Everyone needs to choose for themselves what day this will be for them. 
  5. 5.       Honor your Father and Your Mother That you might live long, in land I’m giving you:  We need to learn from our parents and respect their wisdom and knowledge.  They have seen things first hand that we will never see.  “Living long in this land” is an economic reality.  These “Ten Commandments” are classified as “Hypothetical Imperatives” something you do because there is a reward for following the Imperatives.    This is not by the choice of a higher power it is first year economics.   Any nation that follows these “Ten Imperatives” will develop a strong infrastructure and a high National Economic Operating Efficiency.   The result will be that we will be stronger economically than the nations that would like to take our land from us.
  6. 6.       You shall not Murder:  We will not advance socially if we are killing each other.  Each of us can contribute to the economics of the nation and we need all our productive citizens to operate efficiently.
  7. 7.       You Shall Not Commit Adultery:  This is probably one of our nation’s most complicated issues.  One really needs to connect with this “Personal Counselor, Personal Advisor, or Tour Guide through Life that Jesus sent to us at the Pentecost Festival after his ascension into Heaven.  Notice these are descriptive terms for what the literature calls The Holy Spirit, or the Holy Ghost.   These are known as “Horse Labels”  “This is a Horse” or “This is an Elephant” well the former are known as “Descriptive Labels” they describe what the entity does.  To connect to this ‘Personal Advisor” one only needs to make a decision to want to connect to the “Advisor”, the “Advisor” will find you, just be prepared to listen to this “Advisor” advising you (something like “a Birdy told me”), this is all you need to do there are no ceremonies needed not even a declaration of your decision, this decision is personal, private and confidential information, it is between you and this personal counselor. 
  8. 8.       You Shall Not Steel:  Theft causes a great inefficiency in our National Economic Operations.   There are too many police boots on the ground trying to manage these crimes and building more prisons to hold more prisoners is counterproductive to increasing our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and increases our National Debt.   This could extrapolate to the point where more of our tax dollars are spent building prisons and taking care of inmates than tax dollars allocated to educating the next generations of GDP producers.   Schools and Prisons are in competition with each other for funds from the taxpayers, the more funds allocated to Prisons the less funds are allocated to schools that are producing our next generation of GDP producers. 
  9. 9.       Or give False Witness against thy Neighbor:  Courts are inherently inefficient; we should not waste our tax dollars on false reports of crimes committed.  It costs dollars to defend oneself against false charges, which may be the objective of the one making the false report,  but we must think of the cost to the tax payers as well as the affects our National Economic Operating Efficiency.  
  10. 10.   You shall not covet thy Neighbors house or Wife:  Be content with what you have.   Legal cost to manage greed can be staggering and the negative social issues that result from divorces are numerous and astounding.   All of which are a drain on our National Economic Operating Efficiency and can have lasting effects on others in our society down to the next three or four generations. 

If ad hominem is your style of rebuttal, you would do well to remain silent as to not put your ignorance on public display.  

[i] Robert C. Solomon, Introducing Philosophy, 4th ed. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Pub. 1989, P 385.